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In which Morag finds herself visited by the Destash Goblin - This feeling is not sadness, this feeling is not joy
July 23rd, 2012
10:29 am


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In which Morag finds herself visited by the Destash Goblin
So, for those new to the area, my brain sometimes insists quite loudly that I need to go through my collection and sell a bunch of it. I have no flipping idea why this is most of thetime, but I can't do anything about it other than let you benefit from my brain's stupid!

I can do Paypal and/or bank deposit. Prices are in $AU. Shipping is $6, unless explicitly stated otherwise, free shipping with purchases over $30. Purchases over $50 will be registered on me. And of course, buy more, and I'll cut you some sweet deals, and if you're already getting things from me, I'll be applying discounts there, as well! Strikethroughs are pending.

Take any three $12-$16 bottles for $40 shipped!

Regina Erebi- Pomegranate, spearmint, black mulberry, and myrrh. Full to neck. $18
The Phoenix At Dusk- Blue chamomile, green tea, Spanish moss, champaca flower, white sage, jonquil, wisteria, and white honey. Full between shoulder and TOL. $17
Glukuprikos- Ambergris, pale musk, peru balsam, golden amber, cedar, lavender, spikenard, narcissus, vanilla caramel, white sandalwood, and woodmoss. Full to neck. $15
The Second of Three Spirits- Pine boughs, plum pudding, spiced pears, sugared chestnuts, punch floated with oranges, boughs of holly, and myrica berries. Full to .2cm below TOL. $15
Sugar Moon 08- Sugar cane, blue musk, mahogany, black orchid, black currant, violet, blackberry leaf, teak, strawberry, and dusky rose. Full to shoulder. $14
Monarch- King mandarin, red ginger, sugar cane, golden amber, mango, and pumpkin. Full to .4cm below TOL. $14
Marley's Ghost- Chains of avarice binding an unquiet spirit: grave-cold phantasmal iron links. Full to .4cm below TOL. $13
Khrysopelex- Caraway, amber, saffron, bergamot, and neroli. Full to just below TOL. $12
An Omen of Good Fortune- Black tea, mango blossom, wolfberry, oakmoss, and star anise. Full to .7cm below TOL, a little over half full. $12
Anactoria 2008- Golden amber, white honey, red currant, daemonorops, kush, and Arabian musk. Full to just below label. $12

Bargain Bin
Sir Hugh Ockram's Winding Sheet- Rotting linen, white sandalwood, hyssop, and dust. Full to 1cm from the bottom. Damage to the label $6

Thank you for your attention!


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Date:July 23rd, 2012 02:53 am (UTC)
Lotus Moon, please, as requested on FB. :-)

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